i think we’re finally done with the snow, but who knows, the weather has been a bit random lately. :n

i got three weeks left of school and then i’m off for the summer. my plans so far include attending anime north in may (with my girlfriends indigo sherlock, decklandrogers, and banafoam) and then hopefully get a table at my local convention (otakuthon) this year!

also lots and lots of swimming because i looove swimming and it’s so refreshing and good for you and yaaay!

for now i wanna try to draw while i still have the motivation hahaha. :D

oh, and i’m gonna update my theme so it looks more… springy, i guess??

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okay last pony pic hehe

once again for grimusk on deviantart!

commission for grimusk on deviantart!


some kawaii slurpuffs, and a special shiny one to… top it off

i guess you could say that’s the… icing of the cake

commission for parfywarfy on deviantart

she was fun to colour :D

a gift for xBeautifulDreamerx on deviantart since she made me an awesome pony plush doll :>

i’ll try to post photos later if/when i can!

art trade with indigosherlock!

it was fun but also difficult drawing him haha

wanted to try something different

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was inspired to try a pixel-y drawing c:

i realized i have yet to draw Spike so here he is ^^

uuuuuugh it’s so difficult to get back into the swing of things >_<

been in a bit of an art slump lately ._. trying to get rid of this art block

here’s one of my favourite villagers, Zucker!


twilight in her super rainbow rocks outfit

its her doll outfit not the movie version, but the wings are the movie version

does that make sense? i dont even know anymore

had to reblog this awesome pic by my friend :D

reblogged from indigosherlock

breezy! or breezie? i dunno

based off of the toy that was recently revealed. i wonder how they’ll look in the show