bill doodles before i go to beeed gosh i love him

is it even possible to make a chibi of him??




Anonymous: Regarding the episode, check the tumblr TheMysteryofGravityFalls. They've had a stream for every Season 2 episode so far.

oh wow thank you so much! ahh now i’m super excited :DDD

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i can’t wait for the new ep!!

anyone know alternatives to watching it, or do i have to wait to watch it online? unfortunately disney channel/xd is unavailable to me. :(

commission for The-Lovely-Shadows on da!

hey guuuuuys

so quick news: final year of school started, and it’s gonna take up quite a bit of time, so i’m going to be raising/editing my commission prices and info.

if you’d like to get a commission from me at a lower price, now would be the time.

also, i’ll probably make a tumblr post for my new commission info, so look out for that soon!

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taking a short break, here’s some pony

another colored sketch! what a cutieeee

quick colored sketch, i’ll probably work on this in the future but i just don’t know when

i love veigaaaaaaaaaar!

Anonymous: Is it okay to use your image of Zucker as the wallpaper for my phone? (the one you did right after your art slump)

of course! it’s fine to use my artwork for personal wallpapers like phones, desktops, etc. :)

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hooray that was fun!

school started for me last week, so i have to get back into photoshop for my classes

here’s a work in progress! the colours on my laptop screen are always more dull than my cintiq so i have to remember to fix that when i complete this =v=

time for bed, i have to wake up early hahaha *sob*

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oh my gosh your cosplay was fantastic!! it was so cool meeting you, and thank you for letting me take photos with you! :’D

also for anyone interested, you can finally see my face! try to guess which one is me (hint: it’s the 7th one)

one-eyed monsters